Workplace Health Safety Environment and Quality (WHSE&Q) are all integral functions that can positively or negatively affect the reputation, productivity, morale and profitability of any business. The cultural undertones, level of distinct and direct leadership, WHSEQ systems structure and the belief in vision, mission and values all relay encouraging attributes to customers and employees alike.

A majority of organisations have OHS, HSE or WHS systems and procedures that are outdated, incorrect or do not accurately reflect the state of current operations. The scheduling of regular and systematic review of internal systems, procedures and documentation is a key component to continually evolving and advancing operations. Considerations must include scope, legislative requirements, audience and accountability, communication and reporting protocols, equipment suitability, risk assessment / control / continued monitoring, environmental obligations and quality assurance commitments.

PRM’s Workplace Health Safety Environment and Quality (WHSE&Q) services include:

-      Assessment of your current system and provision of professional independent guidance to work with your team in developing compliant’ user friendly WHSE&Q documentation to meet your organisational needs.
-      ISO accreditation needs analysis
-      Risk assessments, WHSE&Q and HR procedures, documented information, manuals and template development to your satisfaction and exclusively your intellectual property.
-      Client Prequalification preparation and quality checks to assist business become preferred external providers to service Tier 1 and Tier 2 principals.
-      Independent inspection or auditing of your workplace or site to positively contribute to your safety performance.
-      Recommended WHSE&Q systems structures to enhance efficiencies and organisational readiness.
-      A creative service where employers can obtain independent assurance reports (performance or cultural) for remote site teams, crews or employees. Reports are derived from PRM’s immersion, work observations, individual and team consultations, administrative mentoring and culture building. (This service allows the employer to access “on the ground” perceptions through PRM’s direct engagement to externally educate, motivate and mentor with a purpose of obtaining individual and team constructive feedback, morale perception and cultural stance)


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