PRM offers review and support solutions to HR and IR systems processes to ensure that your business has the confidence to manage encounters that may impact the consistency and integrity of personnel performance. Inexperienced Managers or HR personnel may delay or overlook crucial HR/IR developments in the hope the complaint will subside however in most cases there is real potential for the issue to escalate and quite often to the financial detriment of business.

Independent Investigations

PRM has substantial and proven HR/IR investigations experience to overcome any challenges, mitigate further risk and attain the best possible outcome for the business and stakeholders. Our compilation of evidence is based on fact and not assumptions and the event evidence cannot be influenced by internal factors such as working relationships, emotions, direct involvement by Manager, Supervisor or Employee in the event, perceived expectations and undue pressure or prejudice. In some cases internal investigations can be manipulated by the assigned investigating parties to justify or play down the severity of what actually occurred. In reality this does not permit the business to identify root cause and apply appropriate remediation strategies so the business can learn and improve HR/IR process.

By engaging PRM to provide independent investigation for a recent or historical event, you are assured an unbiased, direct determination based on factual evidence with clear, definitive causal factors.

Employee Agreements and Contracts

It is not unreasonable to suggest that Employers quite often do not understand their own employee’s contracts or entitlements which presents serious concerns when remunerating. It is not uncommon for employers to underpay or overpay which dependent on workforce size can have unfortunate financial consequences.

PRM can additionally provide assistance with Enterprise Bargaining Agreement determinations and Fair Work Australia advice or representation. We have significant case review, defence mechanisms and official correspondence experience which can assist you understand risk and achieve a beneficial outcome.

Position Descriptions and Performance Management

Employers expect accountability from their employees and complain when lapses or intentional neglect ensues. This may be a repeated process from an underlying culture where effective performance management takes a back seat to operational process. It is essential to regularly conduct performance management interactions of continued behavioural observations to ensure accurate records are developed and maintained. In some instances lapses or oversights occur as the employee does not know what it is exactly that is expected of their performance.

PRM can provide functional support in this area through Position Description Review and Development to ensure the employee knows all facets of their role and they can be performance managed should non-conformance present. Our Position Descriptions enable business to characterise important criteria and values to communicate clear performance expectations through;

-       Position
-       Location
-       Direct Report
-       Focus areas (i.e. WHS, Equipment Management, Project Work,
-       Outcome statements
-       Types of performance measures
-       Behavioural based criteria and continued performance assessment
-       Examples of effective and ineffective personnel in the same role
-       Employee signed acknowledgment
-       Company Values
-       Role specific competencies (personal qualities and technical abilities), and
-       Experience

PRM are always available to discuss your HR/IR issues with the strictest assurance of client confidentiality.

Our Priority -               The provision of meaningful and sensible solutions to enhance and support business vision and realisation.
Our Commitment -      The provision of professional independent support services that distinctly add value to culture, values, process and the profitability of your business function.


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